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《 BMW F34 》🆙🆙升級SACHS PEFORMANCE Coilover

《 BMW F34 》🆙🆙升級

車主選擇用 SACHS PEFORMANCE Coilover (高低軟硬調教高性能避震機) 加埋前後 H&R 哈蘇同 FRICTIONLAB 強化可調校狗骨 , 行車吸震能力同轉彎穩定好多 SACHS 係世界大型車廠 OEM 指定生產商, 質量同舒適程度絕不會差! 🇩🇪 德國製造 TUEV 認證 !

👩🏻‍🔧大量不同車款適合, 歡迎查詢!

* Innovative racing technology for the road * Technology transfer from original equipment and motorsports * Monotube gas pressure technology * Upside-down technology from motorsports (highest stiffness) * Rapid and precise responsiveness * High-quality surface finishing for long-lasting corrosion resistance * OE-tested, high-quality racing springs made from highstrength material * Individual, rapid, and precise setting and adaptation of the damping to track, tires, and air pressure possible * Tested and fine-tuned by renowned tuners, our service partner at the Nuerburgring, or the engineers of ZF SACHS Race Engineering * Made in Germany including TUEV-certification


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